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Tips for Designing an Email Newsletter

We all are quite aware of the scenario – our email inbox getting completely clogged up with the alluring newsletters. We may not be instantaneously interested, but there is always something which gets our attention and successfully entices us to open it. If the product is good, an idea is thrilling, then it is often ok for us to get subscribed for continuing news or information from the respective site. The success or failure is reliant on certain factors which if properly followed, are bound to be the driving factor for wide adoption of the newsletter.

1. Importance of the proper tool: To get the newsletter widely successful, the cardinal factor is finding the right tool for emailing it to people. In this era of hyper-information, there is the abundance of emailing tool in the market. From MailChimp to Squarespace, tools take care of the complete email campaign management and even in certain tools, the complete analytics is also available for campaign management. It is most important to choose the right tool depending upon the requirement.

2. Creating the apt format: The format needs to be completely clear from the beginning. Whether it is a web-based format or mobile-friendly strategy that needs to be devised first. There are few aspects that we need to consider – whether it is going to web-based or mobile-driven, should it be mobile platform independent or to be specific for any particular format, should the email be different for web or mobile or same should be followed.

3. Identifying the target segment: The first and foremost area to work on is to find the target segment for the newsletter. We should first decide whether it is about a new product launch or a significant discount offering or new services that are being offered etc. The value proposition is going to add for the customers is the key aspect that needs to be found. How newsletter can entice the customers, can inform them about the product/ service offerings, how can they be kept updated regularly – all these areas are needed to be focused on.

4. Keeping the content concise and focused: Many times it happens that though the newsletter is meant to be informative, it ends up being a complete jargon based, pointless over the informative document which doesn’t hold any value for the customer. Keeping the content concise and focused, help us target the audience and keep them glued to the newsletter rather than losing them.

5. Storytelling: No matter what the topic is, people from all target segment like to be informed in the format of the story rather than just binding of facts. The story should be told in such a way that a persona can be attached to the newsletter and it should fit in the company’s culture. It further strengthens the company’s position.

6. Adding proper subheadings with Header & Footer: As people tend to read the content in a fast format, the headings decide whether the content is worth reading or not. The content needs to be divided into sub-sections and the heading should be apt and relevant to the content.