What makes a good landing page design?

December 5th 2021
What makes a good landing page design? blog image

Before we jump into the technicalities of how an effective landing page boosts the growth of your company, let’s first try to understand what exactly a landing page is. A landing page is the first page a person sees after engaging in an ad on your website (for example, a display ad). Unfamiliar marketers frequently send all of their PPC traffic to their homepage, which is a huge mistake. Dedicated landing page designs suited to different promotions are critical for giving a positive customer experience and boosting conversions with a message that is personalised to each user's needs. The underpinning of successful internet marketing is an efficient landing page. Your proposal may be fantastic, and your PPC advertisements may be flawlessly optimised, but without a strong landing page, your business will suffer. The design of your landing page design must be immaculate. Here are a few characteristics that build a good landing page.

Keep it Clean: The appearance, tone, and general presentation of your landing page design will have a significant impact on its efficacy and conversion rate. The major purpose of your landing page design should be to make it as simple as practicable for a visitor to turn, so make sure that all parts of the page contribute to that objective, whether it's completing out a registration, purchasing something, signing up for a newsletter. Vivid and eye-catching graphics are used in an effective landing page design. Specific button colours, such as red or green, are claimed to enhance landing page conversions, but make sure that your button colour stands out against your background.

Less is More: Maintain a clutter-free page with straightforward, minimalistic, seamless accessibility and no distracting elements (such as pop-ups). A good effective landing page design contains all of the information essential to persuade people to click, but nothing more. Keep it simple and include only the important information that will guide people down the funnel. Excessive information can overburden visitors, so keep it brief. The information you do put front and centre should be trackable; when possible, smart landing page text will employ bullet points to illustrate details.

Clickable Share Buttons: Many people are delighted to share information on a recent purchase or a resource they have found useful. Including share buttons on your landing pages increases the likelihood of your content being shared across social media, and strong landing pages make extensive use of these buttons. It's also a good idea to include social sharing buttons on the thank you page because people are more inclined to tell others about your fantastic offer after they've signed up. Showing your "likes" and "follows" can also function as a word-of-mouth recommendation.

User Friendly: Considering mobile devices account for nearly all web traffic these days, it's critical that your landing page is easy to navigate on mobile devices and be user friendly. It has been proven that having a mobile-friendly website will quadruple your conversion rate. Your landing page design should be easy to navigate, load quickly, and be extremely clickable on mobile devices.

Test & Retest: Testing is the ultimate attribute of a good landing page. Without extensive testing, it's impossible to develop a successful landing page. Testing and tracking results are critical for determining what your landing page design does well and where it falls short. Test, assess, and then test again!

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