In-House Creative Team VS Engaging a Creative Agency

December 2nd 2022
In-House Creative Team VS Engaging a Creative Agency blog image

There is always an ongoing debate about in-house Creative team and creative agency, which one is most suitable for a brand. Every business has been in the same spot, contemplating the right decision about choosing one in between. There are various advantages and disadvantages to look after. But initially, it’s essential to know the difference between the two and how they work. When a company has a specific department that handles all marketing activities without external assistance, this is called In-house marketing. The company’s employees carry out all product or service marketing operations. Various factors like the company’s size, social media, communications, advertising, and web development specify the size of in-house marketing teams. One thing that differentiates an in-house marketing agency from a traditional agency model is that it only works with the mother company. A creative agency is an independent association that offers various services under marketing and advertising. They can assist if you need any promotion, strategy or any other services related to marketing. They will get it done for you. So if you are looking to market your brand but still not sure about what to pick between a creative agency or an In-house marketing team, then this blog will help you. We have listed below a comparison between the two to help you decide.

So now you know in detail about the pros and cons of a creative agency and in-house marketing. If you are looking to hire a creative agency, then you should reach out to us for getting a better understanding on the engagement models.